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I love this blog – the entries are sporadic but they’re stylish and witty and they make me happy, despite the fact that I haven’t been to Paris since I was 14 and I’ve never been to New York. I suspect it’s even better if you are familiar with both.

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Well, the blog reading went well, and I got my reader down to one hundred and something. And then I took my eye off the ball and it’s back to 1000+ again. I don’t help myself by subscribing to more blogs, of course. Oh well.

Today’s choice is the marvellous Smart Bitches, Trashy Books – if you don’t already read it, you should. It’s a blog about romance novels, and based on the premise that there are some good writers writing romance and some intelligent people reading romance and that’s OK. It’s fantastic. If you like romance then the reviews are useful and help you find good books and avoid appalling ones. If you don’t like romance then it’s worth reading the bad reviews because they’re often very funny. As in, hysteria-inducing, tears-down-the-face, Oh-my-God-I-can’t-breathe funny. Check out the review of The Playboy Sheik’s Virgin Stable Girl if you don’t believe me.

She also frequently finds awful covers and runs caption competitions and posts about developments in the publishing world and there are funny videos on a Friday. Go to it.

There’s also a book by SB Sarah, which is on my to-read list:

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Well, the Google Reader is down below 300 for the first time in months… and next up, My Owl Barn. It’s a blog for people who, like me, are very fond of owls. It’s all about owls, specifically owls as a design motif. Owls are very trendy right now, which as I’ve always loved owls, makes me want to gather up all the pretty owl things before they go out of fashion and are replaced by seagulls or octopusses or something.

So, for fans of owls, or fans of nice designs and pretty things, I heartily commend My Owl Barn.

Source: myowlbarn.com via Sally on Pinterest

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Hardly a little-known blog, but one I love. It’s been years since I did any embroidery, but I am hoping to get back into it this year – probably once Baby S&S is less dependent as it is a two hand task. But in the meantime, there’s Feeling Stitchy , a repository of all manner of embroidered goodness – the traditional, the cutesy, the quirky, the abstract, the funny… there’s so much stitching talent out there and so much inventiveness. Embroidery is very much a living craft, and I think all crafters, not just embroiderers, would enjoy the blog. I can’t wait to be able to pick up my needle and sort through my threads…

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I’m currently catching up with the blog world – not just posting on my own, but catching up with the backlog in my reader. A week ago it had thousands of unread posts – not sure how many exactly as it stops counting after 1000, but suffice to say that it took several days before it came down below 1000. It’s down in the low 600s now (I got it to 580 yesterday but people will keep posting…). It’s actually really nice to have a browse through and remind myself how much I like these blogs.

So I thought that while I catch up, I’d share some of my favourites with you.

First up, Things Organized Neatly.

I am not a neat person. I love the idea of neatness, but my natural state is closer to chaos than order. But I love this blog. It’s just pictures of things. Organised neatly. That’s all. But the sheer range and variety of the things, and the many ways in which they’re organised (but all, obviously, neatly) is fascinating. I couldn’t live with that level of neatness, I don’t think (not that I’m ever likely to have to try) but a daily peek is intriguing and somewhat satisfying.

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This is lovely. I admit, I cried.

Treasure each day.

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My new obsession…

Is Pinterest. It’s a cross between an internet pinboard and a social network and I think it’s one of those things that is easier to show than explain. I had heard of it a while ago but didn’t really see the point and then suddenly, I did.

In essence, Pinterest enables you to take any picture you see on the web, and pin it to a virtual pinboard. This means that it’s much easier to find that marvellous pattern/recipe/picture/dress again – I used to star things in my Google Reader or bookmark them, but now, I have all my links in one place, and it’s so much easier to find things again, and to compare them side by side. I have a board to plan my new bathroom, as well as general boards for house things, knitting and crochet, baking and things like that. I even have a board simply to collect owls. Because I love owls.

The second thing, though, is the ability to see what other people pin on their boards – and this is where it gets dangerous. Because all over the world, people are pinning brilliant things you’d never have found – recipes, tips, craft ideas, book reviews, shopping finds – and they’re right there, ready for you to discover.

Pinterest has me absolutely fizzing with ideas – it’s been totally inspiring. Of course, I haven’t actually done anything from any of my boards yet, but just give me time…

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