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It’s nice to be back doing Weekword. I was away last week, on a family holiday to Cornwall. I’d never been there before, and have wanted to go for a long time, so it was great to finally make it. It’s a lovely place and there’s so much to see that we’ll definitely have to go back. I have been flat out this week (work, exhaustion and plumbing woes that mean we came home to water coming through the ceiling and we’ve had to turn the water off since, what fun) so I haven’t been able to update the blog, but I will.

These pictures were actually from the journey home. We broke our journey at the butterfly house at Buckfastleigh in Devon. The Little Girl loves butterflies (as does her mum) and there was also an otter sanctuary and a steam railway next door, so we were all happy.

The butterflies were all lovely, but the bit I loved was the hatchery. They gather up the chrysalises and put them together (there were three or four hatcheries in the house) so you can watch them in case they hatch. The variation in size is amazing – the ones at the bottom were as big as my hand.

We watched for a bit – some of them were wiggling and jiggling, and as it was a warm day, we were lucky.

It takes a while for them to get their wings all uncrumpled:

And then after all that effort, they need to have a good rest. This one had been there for a while and was just getting ready to fly off.

Seeing the butterflies all flitting about was gorgeous – but watching the butterflies struggling out of the pupa they went into as caterpillars was just amazing – wonderful in every sense.

We have some new Weekworders this week, so please go and visit and say hello.


If you’d like to join in, it’s not too late – comment below and I’ll add you to the list.

Next week’s host is Junebug – pop by and see her on Monday for the next word.

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Weekword: Wonder

Here’s this week’s word. Do with it as you will.

Please post a comment if you want to play. Doesn’t matter if you’ve not done it for a while, or ever before – the more the merrier!

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Weekword: Friendship

It’s a shame that this is the weekword for today of all days – I haven’t been able to draw a breath today and will be away from my computer for a week. Which means I have a few minutes to try to do justice to a wonderful word, chosen by John.

I’m lucky to have been blessed with some wonderful friends – friends who’ve been by my side as I’ve nursed broken hearts, who’ve made me laugh until I’ve cried, who’ve helped me move house, paint hallways, draft papers. Who have stood beside me as I’ve got married and been with me as I’ve given birth. None of those experiences would have been the same without them. My friends are the family I’ve chosen, and they add savour to my life, and new depths of colour to my experiences, and I love them all.

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