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Most of the time I’m quite an active person – with two small children, a house and garden to look after, a business to run and lots of hobbies, I don’t have a lot of time to not do things. I am usually quite good at getting going with things and getting things done. But there is a particular form of procrastination from which I suffer – New Project Procrastination.

Every time I have a big job to start, I always, without fail, spend a day faffing about not getting any real work done. I download files, I save them in a new folder, I make a cup of tea, I print stuff off, I find books that might be useful, I make another cup of tea, and while I’m there I might chat to my husband or make a phone call or unload the dishwasher.

Eventually, I go back upstairs. And before getting down to work, I obviously need to find some appropriate music, and check my email. And then I think of something I really, really need to look up in Wikipedia. And then this (from xkcd.com) happens….

And then I might write a post describing this issue on my blog. Ahem.

It’s always at the start – I never have problems getting down to work once I’ve started. I don’t know what causes it – maybe fear, that this is going to be the project in which I’m going to come unstuck and fail miserably? A new unfamiliar project means I don’t know where to start and so I don’t? It’s a mystery. But it’s now happened at the start of my last four projects, so we have A Phenomenon.

And now, I really must do some work.

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Squishy scarf

Another skein of the delightful Colinette Giotto became this lovely scarf:

One skein, in 3×3 rib so it’s nice and squishy. 2 skeins would make a longer and wider one, but sometimes a little skinny scarf is what you need.

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A hitch in the plan…

My computer has died. All very sad and very sudden. There was no warning – fully functioning one minute, gone the next. Still, what a way to go – it’s what it would have wanted, etc.

I now have a new computer, ordered through Mr Sow and Sew’s IT contact, but Mr Sow and Sew didn’t get the bit in my spec about needing a memory card slot, so New Computer is no good for uploading pictures (I don’t know where the little cables are) so no photos from me for a while.

I’ve had a few photo free days lately too, so Project 365 has also glitched. I think I’ll just keep going until there are 365 pictures up.

Still, I’ll be back soon, and I think there are some pics I uploaded which I hadn’t got round to posting, so I’ll put those up soon.

Edited to say that my pics are up from 4th to 14th Feb now. 1-3 Feb are on my phone until Mr S&S helps me recover them, later pics will need to wait until the tech faires oblige with a card reader…

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Fuzzy Felt

I found this arrangement of Fuzzy Felt on the kitchen table – artist unknown!

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Available for short term let.
One room, would suit couple with young family.

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