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Has it really been almost two months? Where has the time gone?

There has been the usual school holidays/ camping holiday business, but mostly the last few months have just been pretty stressful. I won’t go into detail as this is my ‘counting blessings’ blog, but suffice to say, we’ve had a rather difficult time, and juggling a family crisis on top of the usual ‘three-children-under-five’ stuff has been a bit of a struggle.

But things have been happening and somehow, in the fringes, I’ve been managing to find some pockets of creativity and inspiration, so I hope to be back to the blog a bit more.

In the meantime, here are some pictures I took a few weeks ago and meant to share with you. This year has been a wonderful year for foxgloves. The first summer after we arrived here, so four years ago, was wonderful for foxgloves. The next year, there were hardly any. I reasoned that as they are biannuals, they should be back next year, but they weren’t. But this year – they were everywhere. Every hedgerow was filled with clusters of purple spires. Gorgeous.

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