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A bit of a break from blogging for me this past week. Here’s a little list of reasons why:

Croup – possibly the scariest not-severe childhood illness…
Potty training – what fun!
A set of proofs on a quick turnaround…
… and an assignment unlike any other I’ve ever done.
Birthday cake baking.
A small child being run over by dogs, flipped through the air and landing with such a thump he lost consciousness. I nearly passed out myself.
A trip to the osteopath
An out-of-the-blue genealogical investigation (not my family, but interesting nonetheless).

Normal service resumed soon – but if you have a list, post a link below!

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My list is a bit late today – I’ve been busy working all day. So today’s list is inspired by my job. I’m a freelance writer and editor – mainly editing at the moment. I work from home, in my little office (or the kitchen table if I’m working on paper and need to escape the Procrastination Machine, aka the computer).

It’s quite telling that my job satisfaction is so largely based on the ability to be anti-social with impunity.

Did you make a list today?

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Adventures with mohair

The lovely Claire from Nimu Yarns asked me if I would knit a sample for her. I said yes. So she sent me the most beautiful skein of mohair (and I think silk) yarn. She left it up to me to choose what to knit. I wanted something simple – partly because the dyeing was so subtle, I didn’t want a pattern that would detract from it. But also, if I’m being honest, because unravelling mohair is an utter sod to do, so I wanted to be reasonably sure that I wouldn’t need to.

So I chose a pattern called Wisp, which you can find here.

And here it is. Aren’t the colours beautiful?

My button box didn’t yield anything appropriate, but I found these in the yarn-and-fabric-and-all-things-crafty shop in town.

I am really pleased with it – it’s so soft and so light.

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Weekword: Augoeides

This week’s word, chosen by John means, apparently, ‘luminous bodies’. Which is a rather beautiful concept. The word was used to refer to the planets, but I like the idea of having a luminous body – or rather, being free and comfortable enough in my skin to allow my body to reflect and express what I feel and who I am.

This is an emerging thought, rather than a finished one. So, thank you John for planting that little seed (or bulb – if I’m to make a tenuous link to my chosen illustration).

The three threads I am plaiting here are that I have an often troubled relationship with my body image, I am someone who loves to dance, and I am currently going through an introspective phase – I’m having hypnotherapy to help with driving test nerves, but in the way that often happens with these things , it’s opening more doors in my head than just the one I thought I needed the key for.

Go and visit John to see everyone else’s Weekword posts.

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Three snapshots

I found my camera. It was one of those occasions where you find something and suddenly remember clearly putting it there. So, my son was unfairly maligned.

And it was a good thing I found it, because yesterday was a good day to have a camera with me. First of all, I saw some beautiful crocuses in the local park.

Then I went to Ludlow for the day. I’ve never been to Ludlow before, and it was lovely. Some very nice shops and an interesting Wednesday market. I bought some crafty bits which I’m not sure what to do with. I also visited the beautiful church, which, as well as some stunning stained glass windows, contained one of the very best funerary monuments I’ve ever seen. This is Dame Mary Eure. Isn’t she wonderful? Look at her, propped up on her elbow, as if to say, ‘Ready when you are, Paradise!’. I love her. The didn’t have postcards of her, but kindly allowed me to take pictures.

And finally, in the evening, we all settled down in front of the fire. Including Mws and Lucy.

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In the absence of my camera, there’s no handwritten list this week. So today, I shall tell you about the chickens.

We have eleven chickens, all extremely free range. We originally got them so we’d have a supply of eggs, but they are such wonderful characters that the eggs are almost a side-benefit. We name our chickens and they all have very distinct personalities. When I find the camera I shall add pictures.

1. Josephine is a Speckeldy (grey with black speckles) hen. She’s the last of our original girls, and we’ve had her three years. We were very unlucky and lost two of our original hens over the winter. Josephine goes broody a lot but the one time she hatched a chick she kicked it out of the nest.

2. Audrey – or Audrey The Superhen – was a battery hen. She’s brown – we don’t know her breed. She was sold off for a pound when she was apparently past her ‘useful’ days as an egg layer. That was three years ago and she still lays like a champion. She was attacked by a friend’s Jack Russell and ripped open down one side – Mr S&S sewed her up on the kitchen table with sewing thread, and despite the odds, she pulled through. She reared a clutch of chicks and took over the ones abandoned by the other mothers. She’s almost tame and likes to wander into the kitchen to say hello.

3. Ada is a white Amberstar. She’s friendly enough with occasional neurotic moments.

4. Pauline is a Bluebell. She’s silvery grey and extremely beautiful. She is also incredibly stupid (and no chicken is a rival to Socrates, let’s face it). She forgets how to go to bed if the other chickens aren’t there to follow.

5. Alison is another Speckeldy. She’s quite friendly and is usually one of the first to come when food’s in the offing.

6. Dolly is our new girl. She came to live with us last week, as her previous owner couldn’t keep her. She’s a Light Sussex (white with a black head and neck) and seems to be settling in. She was quite timid at first but is starting to hold her own.

7. & 8. We have two Rhode Island Reds, Jocelyn and Dot (dark reddish brown). Dot is totally bonkers and has a tendency to pick a fight. Mr S&S calls her ‘Mad Eyes’. Jocelyn is much less temperamental.

9. 10. & 11. We also have three part Buff Orpingtons, who we hatched last summer. Or rather, Audrey and Ada hatched them. They don’t have names yet as they are still too similar for us to tell them apart. They are provisionally ‘Charlotte, Emily and Anne‘ and known collectively as ‘The Brontes’.

This is one of our old chickens, Ruby, who was one of the girls we lost over the winter:

Did you make a list today?

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The best laid plans…

I had a great idea for Weekword, really I did. But my plan has gang distinctly agley because I can’t find the camera. I have looked in all its usual ‘out of the reach of children’ hiding places to no avail, which means it may have been left within the reach of children. As the Little Boy is also known as ‘The Emulsifier’ (such is his ability to spread and mix sundry items all over the house), that would mean it could be anywhere.

Any good camera finding vibes would be much appreciated.

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