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I love this blog – the entries are sporadic but they’re stylish and witty and they make me happy, despite the fact that I haven’t been to Paris since I was 14 and I’ve never been to New York. I suspect it’s even better if you are familiar with both.

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Weekword: Boundaries

I had a plan for this, and was waiting for my new camera to arrive (the old one died after noble service) so I could take the pictures.

It didn’t come. Poxy HDNL decided that my address was ‘incorrect’ and took it back to their depot, where, despite the company I ordered it from contacting them with my phone number so they could get directions and instructions to send my camera out pronto, it has languished since Thursday afternoon. This makes me annoyed. There are so many things I want to take pictures of and I can’t as I have no camera. This is hugely frustrating. A pox on HDNL. A pox on them, I say.

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Well, the blog reading went well, and I got my reader down to one hundred and something. And then I took my eye off the ball and it’s back to 1000+ again. I don’t help myself by subscribing to more blogs, of course. Oh well.

Today’s choice is the marvellous Smart Bitches, Trashy Books – if you don’t already read it, you should. It’s a blog about romance novels, and based on the premise that there are some good writers writing romance and some intelligent people reading romance and that’s OK. It’s fantastic. If you like romance then the reviews are useful and help you find good books and avoid appalling ones. If you don’t like romance then it’s worth reading the bad reviews because they’re often very funny. As in, hysteria-inducing, tears-down-the-face, Oh-my-God-I-can’t-breathe funny. Check out the review of The Playboy Sheik’s Virgin Stable Girl if you don’t believe me.

She also frequently finds awful covers and runs caption competitions and posts about developments in the publishing world and there are funny videos on a Friday. Go to it.

There’s also a book by SB Sarah, which is on my to-read list:

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Lots going on here – I’ll update properly soon – but for now here are our newest additions.


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