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Ray of sunshine

I do love sunflowers – they’re so happy! And they also give me an excuse to use the lovely tall jug we were given as a wedding present; long-stemmed roses not featuring prominently in my life, ahem ahem.

They’re especially nice when there isn’t much actual sun – which is the case a lot at the moment. But when sunflowers meet autumn sunshine, something lovely happens. Something so lovely that I’m sharing this picture, even though I didn’t artfully remove the tons of clutter from the background before taking it.

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Well, that ‘coming back to the blog’ went well, didn’t it?

I’m still swimming along, and there’s plenty I want to blog about but I can’t seem to convince myself that I have time. It seems a bit of an indulgence when there’s work to do (frequently) or the house is a tip (constantly). But my work is done for the day, and the family are out so the house (disgusting) isn’t going to get any worse, so here’s a belated post from this year’s visit to the Festival of Quilts.

It was great fun – I took my mum with me this year and we had a lovely time. It was bigger this year, a whole new hall, lots more sitting down space. Lots more shopping, too. I was restrained and bought a fat quarter of some ladybird fabric I’ve had my eye on for a while, and a transfer pencil and stabilising paper for the embroidery I really want to get round to doing.

Anyway, the quilts.

This one was lovely:

This was interesting, as it had layers of beads sewn in:

I liked the combination of modern style with traditional elements here:

This was beautifully done:

This was another ‘trad with a twist’ – it was called ‘Hexagon Revolution’

I loved the colours in this – it reminded me of Kaffe Fassett fabric:

I liked this one of moths:

Here’s a detail:

This was probably one of my favourites – it’s Lichens.

Here are some close ups:

I didn’t get many pictures of the traditional quilts – which are usually my favourites. I took some but they were either blurred, had people wandering in front of them, badly lit (the NEC lighting is dire in some parts of the halls) or were wholecloth quilts which were breathtaking in the flesh but unimpressive when photographed. But trust me when I say they were all lovely!

All in all, a lovely, lovely day!

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