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I was in bed, being ill. Bad cold turned into sinusitis (complete with ear- and toothache) and then I had an ulcerated throat, and a smattering of vomiting and stomach pains added to the mix. I spent all of Wednesday in bed, asleep.

I was so ill I even drank fennel tea because I was told it was good for me.

I have uploading capabilities now, so I’m gradually posting my project 365 backlog. Feel free to go and have a look!

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The baking bug…

Last week, I got the baking bug. Which was well timed, as it was a friend’s birthday – so I threw him a birthday afternoon tea party.

So, the prerequisite for afternoon tea is scones. I have never had much luck with scones – they always come out more biscuity than scone-y. So I asked my friend D, who makes amazing scones, for the secret. And she said: 1) ignore the bit about cutting them out 1/2 or 3/4 inch thick. A full inch, or more. 2) Put the baking tray in the oven when you preheat it, and put the scones onto the hot tray.

OK then! The result: Scones out of central casting:

I also made some chocolate cookies, as they are my friend’s favourite:

And finally, a lemon drizzle cake – possibly the easiest cake in the world, and one of the yummiest. I use Mary Berry’s recipe. At this time of year, I usually use primroses to decorate cakes, but spring is late, so there were no primroses. But there were some snowdrops hanging on, and very pretty they looked:

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Toddlers in the know layer a floral dress over a long length net petticoat, and team with a handknit jacket. Striped tights and floral motif wellingtons complete the look.

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