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Weekword: Scent

After a bit of a blogging hiatus (baby with growth spurt, husband with tonsilitis, me with family stresses) I am back. Emma chose ‘Scent’ as this week’s word and I couldn’t resist so I’ve snuck in unannounced with a wee post.

The garden is looking a bit ragged at the moment as my months of neglect are compounded with wind and rain. But gardens after rain are especially sweet smelling (the scent I wore on my wedding day was called ‘Wet Garden’) so I trotted round with my camera.

Here’s the beautiful Gertrude Jekyll, a rose with a rich, deep scent:

There are wild roses growing up through the trees – they look amazing. The scent is quite subtle, but it’s there.

Then there’s my very leggy lavender. The lavenders really need to come out but I’ve decided that until I have plants ready to take their place, they’re staying put. I know that if I take them out there’ll be dandelions and couch and worse in there before my back’s turned.

The honeysuckle is going mad here at the moment – every hedge seems to be full of it. Here’s some climbing through a willow:

Pop by to see Emma for more scented wonders!

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Weekword: Bird

I chose this one on the spur of the moment, as I hadn’t realised I’d been tagged until Emma kindly gave me a boot up the bum.

I love birds – obviously we have our share of domestic fowl, with chickens and ducks – and we enjoy watching the antics on the birdtable during the winter. I’m also a bit of a sucker for bird motifs (especially owls). Birds do seem to be pretty ubiquitous these days (if in doubt, stick a bird on it) and I’m happily buying birdy things so that I can enjoy them when they’ve gone out of fashion, which I’m sure they will.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I did any drawing – I’m not a natural artist by any means but I do like doing little cartoon-style pictures from time to time. My preferred drawing implement is the Sharpie marker, probably because thick lines are very forgiving when you’re slightly inept.

Anyway, here’s today’s little bird doodle – my attempt at a bluebird of happiness!

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Jubilee fun

I’m not a royalist by any means, and am usually one to avoid enforced jollity, but I did enjoy the jubilee celebrations. Not the ones in London, which passed me by, but the village picnic organised by some community-minded souls. I think pretty much the whole village was there for food, football for the grown ups, races for the children, face painting and balloon races and the rest.

There was bunting aplenty, but there are times, apparently, when mere bunting will not cut it. Oh no.

There was free tea and coffee all day and the WI provided a huge array of cakes:

No village occasion is complete without a small child attempting to carry a bear larger than they are:

The children ran around and got themselves overtired and overexcited, and Littlest S&S held Daddy’s raffle tickets (red, white and blue, naturally) during the draw.

The Little Boy won second prize for his crown, but refused to model it for photos and so won’t be in the local paper. Boo!

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New Weekword!

Thanks to Emma for letting me know I’d been tagged for Weekword – I’ve been a bit dozy about keeping up lately.

Anyway, for no particular reason bar I’d be interested to see what you do with it, this week’s word is…


Words, picture, photo… whatever you like.

Comment if you’re playing!

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The Smallholders’ show was a while back now (it was there that we got our new ducks) and while I was there my trusty and beloved camera died. I was so distraught that I forgot about the pictures I’d managed to take, so here they are.

I was very good and didn’t buy any plants – despite the tempting offers – as I don’t actually have a garden at the moment, more a jungle/bramble plantation, so it would have been silly. Still, I did like these ‘Ladybird’ poppies:

There was a lovely display of lilies:

including a climbing lily – I’ve never seen a climbing lily before but I think it’s rather nice:

There was also the obligatory veg stand with pristine veg in geometric arrangements. I don’t know why, but I always find these inherently comical:

There was also a lovely display of auriculas. It seems that people get quite obsessive over these plants:

They are rather lovely – there’s something very ‘Regency’ about them, as though the flowers have been painted by hand. They look like they’ve come straight off some antique china:

And then we took the kids to the have-a-go circus. This is where my camera died, but not before it captured this – a lovely example of ‘Mid-Wales time’:

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