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Weekword: Revelation

Heather at Cranky Stitch chose this week’s word, and I have been thinking about what could constitute a revelation, or what ‘revelation’ means to me right now. And I’ve been drawing a blank – as my rather sporadic recent posts have indicated, things have been a bit light on the inspiration and revelation front lately.

And then, just now, I found a list of phrases my hypnotherapist gave me when I was having treatment for driving test nerves. She’d focused a lot on my perfectionism and we’d talked a lot about how damaging perfectionism can be. I’d not really done much more than glance through the list of phrases, but this morning I looked and saw this. Just this little phrase:

Pretend you are human.

And it was like a revelation. So I’m going to pretend that I’m human. That I’m not some kind of slacking superwoman who really “should” be able to do everything – work, housekeeping, parenting, crafting, gardening, organising, administering, cooking, writing – and do it perfectly. And we shall see how that goes.

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Shades of grey

We have redecorated our hall. Up to now, it’s been the default dumping ground for things that had no home, and I wanted it to be a nice space. It’s quite a dark room, with only a small amount of natural light, so we decided not to fight it. We have a lot of pictures, and wanted a colour that would act as a good backdrop. So with some trepidation (as I am a huge fan of the bright and light and vibrant) we went for grey. We have an old house and are limited to the paints we can use; one of the companies who make suitable paint is the wonderful Farrow and Ball (and even then, we have to have it specially made to order). And as luck would have it, F&B’s new colours for 2011 included some beautiful greys. We chose Manor House Grey for the walls, and the beautifully named Elephant’s Breath for the woodwork. The local carpet shop did us a very good deal on some nice damson carpet, and then we had a picture hanging session. It was especially nice to get some things on walls that have been in cupboards and corners for a while. On the little wall by the stairs we’ve put our marriage certificate and some lovely hand-painted plates we commissioned to mark the children’s births. We’ve still got some pictures to fit into gaps, but it’s starting to look as we envisaged, and it makes me feel happy and rather accomplished.

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Weekword: Catharsis

Emma chose the word this week, and I hope that participating will get me back into blogging. I hadn’t realised that it had been so long – but things have got on top of me lately and the blogosphere has taken a back seat. No posts from me in a few weeks, and over a thousand items in my blog reader.

It’s strange that this word should come up this week – I feel like I have a lot of pent-up emotion to deal with, which is possibly why the blog has been neglected. I’ve not been great lately – tired and unproductive, which has made me frustrated and stressed, which hasn’t helped with the tiredness, which hasn’t helped with the productivity, which hasn’t helped with the frustration and stress which… well, you can see how this is going.

So yes, I need catharsis. My last post was about writers’ block, and it seems that this has spread to a more general emotional block. I don’t know what catharsis I need as I don’t know what I want to do. I’m not feeling shouty or tearful or anything. Just a bit weary. Decluttering is often cathartic but I don’t know how to declutter my psyche.

Pop over to see Emma and check out the other weekworders – I’ll be heading over to get some ideas, and with any luck normal service will soon be resumed.

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