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Weekword: Book

I love books. I’ve got piles on the floor because I’ve run out of shelves. I have a ‘to read’ pile by my bed which is toppling over. I am in and out of the library so often that the librarians all know me by name. But I’m going to post about my attempts to write a book. (I have written a non-fiction book, under a pen-name, but that was more of an extended copywriting job than a literary endeavour).

I started writing a novel last June. Not with any view to publication – just because the characters leapt into my head and lived there, fully formed. I found myself writing and before I knew it, I had five thousand words… seven thousand… nine thousand… I felt I knew the characters intimately. I knew what scent some of them wore. I knew what wine they drank. I knew about their parents, their politics and where they went to university. I knew that one of them had a cat called Jasper that her landlord didn’t know about. None of this made it into the story – it was just stuff I knew about these people who seemed as real to me as my own friends. Then, when I had about twelve thousand words, it stopped. I thought it was just a hiatus, but there’s been nothing. I haven’t written a word of my novel for more than eight months.

I don’t really know what to do. There seems no point in forcing it, but on the other hand, the idea of abandoning these people feels wrong and makes me sad. I want to finish the story but have no idea how to do it. I wonder how many characters lurk in notebooks and computer hard drives, waiting for their stories to be finished? And I wonder if mine will ever be rescued.

Here are the other Weekworders:


Carmen is our next host. I look forward to her word!

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I’ve had some requests for more garden posts, so I thought here was a good place to start. Spring has sprung with an absolute vengeance and there is blooming and greening and all sorts.

Some primulas:

And some primroses:

Cherry blossom:

And apple blossom:

The lilac – the smell from this is heavenly:



The bluebells are out:

As are the violets:

And a bit of cheating to make up ten, as this beautiful specimen isn’t in my garden, but someone else’s. Although it’s so beautiful I may have to get one:

Anyone else made a list today?

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Weekword: Book

I think I’m hosting Weekword this week… I’ve been out of the the loop a bit, and I’ve really missed the Weekwording – and all the Weekworders!

So, for this week’s word I suggest ‘Book’. I really look forward to seeing what you do with it – post in the comments if you’d like to play. And I’d really like to get Weekword going with a swing, so if you’d like to, please encourage other bloggers (including Weekworders old and new) to join in.

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Hurrah for cereal!

I’m not usually one for breakfast cereal. I like porridge, but other than that I find that cereal leaves me starving by mid-morning.

But! There is a reason I keep it in the cupboards. I fully intended to bake yesterday, so the Little Boy could take some cake to nursery to mark his birthday. But what with one thing and another, it didn’t happen. But the cereal came to the rescue, and in about five minutes this morning I made these:

Chocolate crispie cakes. I even got over my fear and melted the chocolate in the microwave. It didn’t burn, the world didn’t end, and it was super quick. I shall do it this way in future!

And all kids love chocolate crispie cakes, right?

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The garden has been harder and harder to manage, so we decided to bite the bullet. We hired a digger for a week (and a dumper truck for a weekend) and have dug over huge areas, so we can start all over again. The big flower bed? Flat. The veg garden? Gone. The yard? Scraped clean. The muckheap and compost heaps? Gone. And in this process, we’ve made some discoveries…

The garden does currently look as though we’re recreating the key battles of WW1, but I’m confident that it’s the first step towards a garden we can live with – and live in, and love.

Did you make a list today?

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For the Little Boy’s birthday, I made this:

Only his head remains, but he was tasty.

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List it Tuesday

… no list from me today – I’m under the weather and have been struggling through the day. If you’ve made a list, though, do post a link in the comments.

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