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My new obsession…

Is Pinterest. It’s a cross between an internet pinboard and a social network and I think it’s one of those things that is easier to show than explain. I had heard of it a while ago but didn’t really see the point and then suddenly, I did.

In essence, Pinterest enables you to take any picture you see on the web, and pin it to a virtual pinboard. This means that it’s much easier to find that marvellous pattern/recipe/picture/dress again – I used to star things in my Google Reader or bookmark them, but now, I have all my links in one place, and it’s so much easier to find things again, and to compare them side by side. I have a board to plan my new bathroom, as well as general boards for house things, knitting and crochet, baking and things like that. I even have a board simply to collect owls. Because I love owls.

The second thing, though, is the ability to see what other people pin on their boards – and this is where it gets dangerous. Because all over the world, people are pinning brilliant things you’d never have found – recipes, tips, craft ideas, book reviews, shopping finds – and they’re right there, ready for you to discover.

Pinterest has me absolutely fizzing with ideas – it’s been totally inspiring. Of course, I haven’t actually done anything from any of my boards yet, but just give me time…

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Kirsty at the Leopard Anchor has had a rather splendid idea. She’s hosting a monthly photo scavenger hunt – she posts the topics and you have the rest of the month to take the photos. Clever, eh?

Me being me, I signed up a few days before the deadline, but here are my photos.


I’ve posted before about my love of the library, and it continues unabated. I love the library, the pleasure of picking up a book just because it takes your fancy. Our library has a great stock of inspiring books for the crafty sort – here are the ones I have on loan at the moment:

The top one is the River Cottage Bread book, by the way, which despite my wheat allergy, has inspired me to make all sorts of bready things (there are lots of not-wheat recipes) and Mr S&S to contemplate making a clay oven. No, really. Some of these books were fetched from libraries in the far reaches of the county – a little van brought them to my library – which cost me nothing. Libraries are brilliant, and if we don’t use them, we’ll lose them. Join your library and borrow books, people!

Ahem. Next heading:

Something I made

Yeah, bit of a cheat here. I have made things this month but for various reasons I can’t show you yet. And the stuff I made before this month I’ve already shown off. So this morning, I made this cup of tea:

It was very nice. And the chickens on the mug lead to the next category:

Motifs: Birds

I bought this fabric at the Festival of Quilts. It’s slightly baffling as it’s not my usual taste at all – I dont’ usually go for the very cute and pastel – but something about it really appealed to me.

Then we have Supplies
I was in a hurry, so I grabbed the yarn that came to hand in about 2 minutes and piled it up. So many possibilities!

And finally, Holiday

I haven’t got round to posting much about our holiday – Dance Camp Wales; it’s a camp, in Wales, there’s dancing – but here’s a picture of the Little Girl joining in with the evening dance:

I recommend you have a look at Kirsty’s blog, not just because there’ll be a list of all the other scavengers, but because the blog is lovely. She’ll be posting September’s categories soon if you want to join in!

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