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Weekword: Travel

Sally chose this week’s word, and it’s a belter – I only wish I had more time to do it justice.

I don’t travel much these days – I’m pretty firmly centred on my home – plus three small children require a lot of organising to get out of the house for a day, let alone further afield. The last time I left the UK was in April 2008, on a trip to Venice, when my eldest was five months old, and despite there being four adults in the party, it was a palaver. Getting all the baby kit through airport security, not to mention transporting all that baby stuff when the baby has no baggage allowance. Trying to find unscented baby wipes in Italy (they smelled, as my dad would put it, like ‘a whore’s handbag’). Trying to find somewhere that repaired buggies when the wheel came off – mind you, the cliches about Italians and babies are completely true – nobody knew of a buggy repairer, so in the end the buggy was fixed by no fewer than three men from a hardware store behind the Frari. They were not especially helpful when Mr B asked for the required part, as they didn’t have it, but when they saw that it was for a baby – a little blonde baby at that, then amid cooing and ‘bella’-ing, and long and involved debate about the necessary bits, the three of them decanted to the pavement and effected a repair to the wheel, for which they didn’t charge us…

My passport expired early last year and I haven’t renewed it – I’m not sure when we’re going to be holidaying abroad next, and I’m hardly likely to be whisked off to Paris on a whim (never mind the children, who would let the chickens out?) so I’m waiting until the family becomes more portable.

This means that my travelling is more localised – camping in Pembrokeshire (an hour and a half away), the occasional trip to Edinburgh (the last was almost two years ago, which is unbelievable), and a week in Cornwall last September. I actually really enjoy holidaying in the UK – OK, the weather’s not exactly predictable, but there’s a lot of lovely places within a few hours’ drive. I’d like to explore more of Wales, as despite living here nearly five years, there’s a lot I haven’t seen. I’m sure I’ll get back into foreign travel in years to come, but for now, my adventures will be much closer to home. And that’s OK.


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