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So, last week’s Tuesday Ten was a list of things I wanted to do other than work, and I’m sure you’re all desperate to find out how I did, so here are ten things I did since last Tuesday.

1. Clear out the polytunnel – yes, achieved. I have cleared and composted and pruned and it’s now looking much better, plus the plants are all in the right places. The vine has had a good year (and now a haircut) and we have oodles of grapes.

The hot spring followed by lots of rain means that the fruit is plump and sweet. They are having to be rationed, not because of a shortage, but because of the effect excess grape consumption has on nappies…

2. Pot on my young trees – done. The silver birch was almost audibly sighing with relief.

3. Plant my Christmas bulbs – yes, all done. The cellar steps are now covered with pots of hyacinths, crocuses and anemones.

I was hunting around for suitable containers in the end, but found enough, and come Christmas we should, all being well, have lots of scented loveliness to cheer the house and to give away. The amaryllis and narcissus will be done in a few weeks – time to start scouring charity shops for bowls…

4. A box of oddments went to the nursery today and was greeted with rapture.

5. Finish reading ‘Wolf Hall’. Well, I hit a snag here. I went to renew my books (online) and found that one of them had been requested, so I had until Friday to read it. So I did. It was People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks, and I heartily recommend it. So I am only two-thirds of the way through Wolf Hall. Half marks for that, I think!

6. I have my tax paperwork ready for my accountant. It was quite time consuming but I did feel virtuous – and also rewarded as I found that one of my invoices hadn’t been paid and chased it up.

7. I got out and took some photographs of the autumn colour:

8. I made not one cake, but two. One was an apple and cinnamon cake, the other a lemon drizzle (I use Mary Berry’s recipe – in as much as I follow any recipe without tweaking; I use far more lemon than she suggests – and it’s gorgeous). Yum yum.

9. I picked up the cardigan, and true to my prediction, I didn’t finish it. But I did finish the other front panel, joined the fronts to the back and have done a third of the collar. So that’s pretty good going and takes me closer to finishing.

10. Order has been restored to the bathroom cupboard – and I’ve found some things I thought had gone forever. And discovered that I shan’t need to buy soap for years.

9 and a half out of 10, I think!

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