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This is Tess. Tess came to live with us in October, having been rescued from a farm where she was having a very bad time indeed. She was underweight, very smelly, and had been through the mill a bit. She was also very affectionate and friendly, and when we gave her a name she quickly learned it. She settled in well and she and I fell in love.

She was very nervy, and the longer we had her the clearer it was that she’d been very cruelly treated. Still, she became more secure and we had hopes she would come right. It still astonishes me that dogs can be as cruelly treated as Tess was and still have the capacity for loyalty and affection.

Sadly, the more Tess bonded to me, the more protective and jealous she became. She wouldn’t let our other dog near me, and this soon led to pitched battles. Collies are often very sensitive to noise and movement, and in a house with a toddler there’s a lot of both. And when she started growling at the children when I picked them up, it was clear that things were not going to work out. She wasn’t happy and the children were at risk.

So this week, Tess went to a new home, where she will live with a retired couple who have no other pets and no children. She will be much happier. I know it’s for the best, but it was the hardest thing I’ve had to do for a long time.

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