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I decided to join in with this scavenger hunt on Ashley Sisk’s blog. I have been nosing at the photos for a while and thought it would encourage me to sharpen up my picture taking a bit. I’m right up against the deadline and some of my pictures were taken at the last minute, but here I am anyway. You can see the other participants here and mine are below…

Picture 1: Abstract (from the archives).
This isn’t ‘abstract’ as such, but it’s not the usual flower picture, either.

Picture 2: Round
I saw this collection of jars on my counter liked the circles – I arranged them into a circle for the picture.

Picture 3: Fire
A very small-scale fire in my kitchen. It’s a cook’s candle that’s had more lives than a cat – it’s been in numerous containers that have been broken, but it burns on!

Picture 4: Faces in unexpected places
I had no idea what to do about this one – until I was tidying the children’s bath toys and saw this friendly little fella – he appears to have lost an ear to a shark, but is cheerful nonetheless.

Picture 5: Stars
This is some sari fabric that a dear friend bought for me in India. I love the shades and patterns – and the way the stars from the layer below show through faintly.

Now I’m going to try to give myself a bit more time for next week’s!

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We recently realised we needed a new room for the Little Girl, so we divided my old office (which was huge) in two. This gave me a smaller office and a her little bedroom. The Little Girl has definite ideas about colour and style – actually, she has definite ideas about most things – and selected a shade called ‘Sugared Lilac’ for her bedroom. As our house is old and timber-framed, we have to be careful about the paint we use on the walls, so the lilac paint could only go on the new dividing walls. I didn’t want to faff with fancy paint on the other walls, so I got a stencil and used some of the leftover paint to decorate the other two walls. It was ludicrously easy and I am very pleased with the effect. Some cheapish lilac bedding, a bargainous curtain and a truly hideous lampshade (my concession to the two-year-old aesthetic – she saw it in a shop and loved it so much) and we were there. We put it all together this afternoon and did the grand unveiling. It was fair to say she loved it. My bedtime-phobic daughter climbed into her bed and told us ‘I goin-a sleep in my purple bedjrum’. At five thirty in the afternoon. She was only persuaded downstairs with the promise of ice cream.

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