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We went on a day trip to Hereford on Monday, which meant leaving early. It was foggy and there’d been a hard frost. As we were leaving, Mr S&S had to run back to the house to fetch something, so I took the opportunity to get a few quick snaps of this:

I just love the way the white of the frost and the greys of the gate and the lead-coloured sky all work together.

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Warning, not for arachnophobes!

I was asked to make a cake for a friend’s son’s first birthday – which is today. So they wanted something Hallowe’eny. So I rather recklessly decided on a spider web cake.

The cake itself is a sponge, half dyed red, half black (the black half is chocolate flavoured) marbled together. The middle is sandwiched with red buttercream (left over from the ladybird cake and stashed in the freezer). I iced it with fondant icing which I coloured black (grey palms ahoy!) and then piped on the web with white icing and a writing nozzle. This is much easier said than done, which is why I described this as ‘reckless’, considering this is my fourth decorated cake.

Then I made a spider with black fondant and a bit of strawberry lace – they aren’t nearly as red as they used to be – something about artificial colours being bad, or something. I finished it off with fangs, which are minute and getting them to stay in place involved a very long time on my knees with a cocktail stick. But the cake is done and the parents are pleased with it, and so am I.

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