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Snow and snow

Heh. Couldn’t resist the pun.

Well, as anyone following the news/weather would be aware, the wet and mud gave way to snow. Severe weather warning type snow. A snowcopalypse. We were on the edge of the zone for the ‘red’ severe snow warning, and it was quite impressive. The school was closed and we were actually snowed in for a couple of days. It was incredibly pretty. The trees over our entrance drive were weighed down with snow and arched over the road.



Then we had a few days where it would thaw slightly by day and freeze by night. Which means… icicles!


And then… it was warm and wet. There was some heavy rain and in the space of a day, all the snow had gone.

But look! There was something even better in their place!


(In the background you can see the river. We’ve had a *lot* of rain!)


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We’ve had a somewhat unseasonal cold snap lately – a village near us was the coldest place in the UK one night – at minus 18 degrees C. Brrrr! The snow started falling a week past Friday, and it’s still there. We haven’t had any post since … a week past Thursday, and it has made the logistics a bit difficult. I am dreading the fuel bills, too.

But it is terribly pretty, so here are some pictures.

These were hanging outside the bathroom window:

And it’s not just outside. I saw some very pretty snowflake window stickers in a catalogue, but being too much of a skinflint thrifty to spend what they were asking, I made some snowflakes out of paper (you remember, the sort you make by folding paper and snipping it) and hung them in the window on lengths of cotton. I have done the living room and kitchen windows, and as they look so pretty from the outside, I plan to do the whole house in time for Christmas. I love the way they turn in the air currents – it gives a nice ‘snowfall’ effect.

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I am, sadly, not the artist in question. I am very busy – one might almost say snowed under (sorry) – with editing work at the moment. This means that I don’t have very much time to make anything other than layout changes, text corrections and the occasional cup of tea. Once this job goes back, I’ll be doing interesting things again.

Fortunately, there are people who have the leisure, inclination and talent to make things with the abundant snow. Our neighbour, Rhian, has an interest in mazes and labyrinths and has made several snow labyrinths in one of the fields. The path of the largest one is over three quarters of a mile long, and looks amazing.

And we have a friend staying with us at the moment, who, instead of making the traditional snowman, has instead fashioned the most wonderful snowdragon. We can see him (her?) from the sitting room, and s/he makes me smile when I open the curtains in the mornings. The wings are made from a specially crafted sheet of ice.

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Adventures on ice…

We live on the banks of a river. Last night the temperature went down below minus 10, so I went to see what had happened to the river. It was quite spectacular.

Collie on Ice! (just before we called him in because we were scared he’d go through…)

And a couple of some amazing ice crystals:

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Dol y fan

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Well, that was a longer than anticipated posting hiatus – caused by a combination of Christmas (expected) and a family outbreak of norovirus (not expected), and in the ‘Most Worrying Things About Being A Parent’ hit parade, we have a new entry at Number One: ‘Eight Month Old Baby Has Temperature of 107F. At Midnight. On A Bank Holiday’. (He’s fine now, by the way.)

From high temperatures to low temperatures – the snow. We had snow before Christmas and we have snow now. These photos were taken before Christmas and the effect of the morning sun, the cloud and the snow had me dashing outside in my pyjamas to capture it. I absolutely promise that these photos have not been altered at all – I wouldn’t have a clue how, for one thing. It really did look like this, and it was extraordinary.

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