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Christmas tree

I have lots of decorations – I like to ring the changes with my colour scheme. This year I was going to go for red and white, and bought a few extra white decorations. I also had the bright idea of using ribbon to make some bows. I planned to get the tree done at the weekend, but what with everything, it was yesterday before I managed it.

When I do a two-colour tree, I do one colour first and then the other; that way I don’t end up with it lopsided and with pools of one colour that I notice later and then have to rearrange. So I got all the white stuff on and thought, ‘Actually, I quite like that as it is.’

So here’s my all-white (apart from a little red and white bird which snuck on courtesy of my daughter) tree.

Did I mention my bows? I bought 15 metres of cheap uber-synthetic satin ribbon; I didn’t want to splash out too much until I knew the idea worked. And my goodness, it’s hard to tie that stuff into proper, even bows. I managed it in the end, by devising a two-ribbon and needle and thread loop-loop-stitch-pinch-tie process.

I am very happy with them.

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Well, by popular demand (you always knew you were popular, Pinky!) here’s a run down on my shopping activities in York.

My word, there’s some lovely shopping in York. I imagine that whatever your interests, you could have a fine (and expensive) old time in the shops of York.

Anyway, my focus was on pretty things for sewing and baking. I bought these rather exciting kitchen things:

I have lots of plans for these beauties. By the way, notice the gorgeous retro tin for the icing bag:

I also got some lovely sewing things. Fabric from Cath Kidston to make summer tops for the Little Girl, ribbon and buttons to go with some other fabric to make a dress for the Little Girl, fat quarters for my first ever patchwork quilt and some random fabric with snowflakes on which I bought on a whim because I thought it was pretty. There’s also some luscious silvery embroidery thread which I am dying to use. The picture doesn’t do it justice – it’s glorious.

The ribbon and buttons, by the way, came from a wonderful shop called Duttons. Duttons for Buttons, it says outside – they’re not kidding.

It’s heaven. They have everything from shirt buttons costing pennies, to huge mother of pearl jobs for a fiver. And they have other sewing things – ribbon, felt, embroidery things. What a fab shop.

And then, when we were in Fenwicks looking at clothes for my friend, I popped by the Guerlain counter to see if they had some Nahema I could sniff. I love Guerlain scent, and usually wear either Mitsouko or Apres L’Ondee. Well, I had one sniff and was infatuated. And over the next hour, my infatuation developed into a deep and abiding love. My goodness, it’s gorgeous. It is the most wonderful rose perfume, but at the same time as being the most perfect rose, it’s so much more than roses. Which makes no sense at all, I expect. Unless you’ve smelled Nahema.

I also had a lovely time in the Early Learning Centre for Christmas presents for the Little Boy. I really like the Early Learning Centre!

So, there we have it – the spoils of a shopping trip to York. Next time I’m going to pack light so I can bring more back.

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