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Winter walk

Like the rest of the country, we’ve had a lot of rain. The ground is sodden – the high traffic areas in the garden are thick, slippery mud – and it’s not really been walking weather. But the dog and I both need exercise so when the sun peeked out this afternoon, we set off briskly. 

It was lovely – crisp and clear and sunny. 

And then two miles out – and two miles from home – the clouds lowered, the sky went the colour of steel, and the rain … and then the sleet … started. It was really sudden, like someone had flicked a switch. So the gloves went on and the hood went up (in my case, anyway – the dog just put his ears back and looked put out) and we trudged on. After a while it cleared and a small patch of blue sky was visible, but I was glad to get home to dry socks and a cup of tea!





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And oh, boy, there has been rain. The river is high, and brown and flowing very fast, the garden is a mudbath, and there are dirty foot- and pawprints all over my kitchen floor no matter how often I mop it.

But where there is rain, there are opportunities to take pictures of water on plants. Regular viewers will know that I am very keen on this.

I liked the brown of these sycamore keys – the ones that never managed to fall. But when the rain clings to the end of every twig, it makes a lovely contrast – the dull browns and ochres and the glittering jewels of the raindrops.

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Rain, rain, go away?

Well, this has hardly been a cold, crisp autumn. It’s been quite mild, and very wet.  So my forays outside have been limited to the necessary – quick, it’s dry, walk the dogs, or quick, it’s dry, slam some bulbs in. So I haven’t been through a lot of the things that mark the change of the seasons – no raking leaves, no bonfires, the absolute minimum of garden clearing. And so I haven’t been out and about enough to enjoy the autumn colours as much as usual. But in a way, although they’re not as impressive without the cool autumn sunshine, they’re almost more comforting when everything’s grey and wet.






















The dogwood by the woodshed comes into its own at this time of year. In the dead of winter, the red stems are sometimes all I can find to cut for vases, and very nice they look, in a spiky sort of way:















And here’s one of the trees by the river – which due to the recent rain is in full spate:












And now, of course, it’s raining again. But I’m glad I seized the dry spell, even if there was no sun. Sometimes an absence of rain is enough.

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