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The Smallholders’ show was a while back now (it was there that we got our new ducks) and while I was there my trusty and beloved camera died. I was so distraught that I forgot about the pictures I’d managed to take, so here they are.

I was very good and didn’t buy any plants – despite the tempting offers – as I don’t actually have a garden at the moment, more a jungle/bramble plantation, so it would have been silly. Still, I did like these ‘Ladybird’ poppies:

There was a lovely display of lilies:

including a climbing lily – I’ve never seen a climbing lily before but I think it’s rather nice:

There was also the obligatory veg stand with pristine veg in geometric arrangements. I don’t know why, but I always find these inherently comical:

There was also a lovely display of auriculas. It seems that people get quite obsessive over these plants:

They are rather lovely – there’s something very ‘Regency’ about them, as though the flowers have been painted by hand. They look like they’ve come straight off some antique china:

And then we took the kids to the have-a-go circus. This is where my camera died, but not before it captured this – a lovely example of ‘Mid-Wales time’:

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