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Here are this week’s pictures for the photo scavenger hunt over on Ashley Sisk’s blog. No, I still haven’t managed to post on a Sunday, but Monday is an improvement. Baby steps…

Right, here goes.


This beautiful orchid was a gift from some friends. They clearly didn’t know of my track record with orchids, but I am hoping that this will be the one I fail to kill.


I love the colours of these pulses, and really enjoyed swirling them round to get different combinations of colour and shape.

In disguise.

This is a mask I bought in Venice – not one from the touristy mask shops that are everywhere, but from one of the few proper mask makers who work in papier mache. (The Italian for papier mache is ‘cartapesta’, which I think is a very pleasing word.) I chose a mask style called ‘La Civetta‘ (The Flirt) which is the type worn by the female characters in the Commedia Dell’Arte.


This is a vintage ‘Double Wedding Rings’ quilt that I picked up for a song on Ebay. I love the shapes, both of the pieces (the circles are made of various trapeziod and diamond shapes) and the geometric patterns on some of the fabric prints – and then of course, there’s the swirling shapes of the quilting.

Photographer’s choice.

This is a picture I took this week by the river. I really like the way the autumn colour is just coming in – the yellows and oranges pushing inexorably against the green.


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And here we are again, right up against the deadline! Here are this week’s pictures for the photo scavenger hunt over on Ashley Sisk’s blog.


This was a web I saw on the school gate when I dropped the Little Girl off. Fortunately I had my camera in my bag!

Found Texture

It has been a week for webs, because there were some on the tree when I took my ‘found texture’ picture.


Bit of an odd picture, this one – I shall explain. I love my home, but my favourite place, especially as the days get shorter, is my bed. It’s my place to hide from the world – not just for sleep, but to read, to dream, to sit with a sketchbook, and to have a cuddle and a chat with the husband – and the kids if they’ll stay still long enough. And when I look up from my bed, this is what I see. Our house is old, but these beams are older – you can see the notches in the main beam from where they have been used before.


I have alluded in the past to my love of notebooks. And anyone who has seen my Pinterest will know of my love of owls. So here are some friendly little chaps from the cover of a notebook I couldn’t resist buying.


One from the archive here! This is a tree that regular readers will have seen before – it’s the ancient apple tree outside my kitchen door so it’s been captured in all weathers. It isn’t very photogenic at the moment – strong winds have left it lopsided it desperately needs tidying up. So here it is earlier in the year.

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