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It has been a while. In fact, my blogging in 2012 was pretty sporadic. I think back to this time a year ago and it’s an odd feeling. I had all sorts of plans and hopes and ideas and…, well, life truly did get in the way.

My youngest child was born in February. I’d done the baby thing twice before so was (I thought) prepared. I knew what was coming. Except, I didn’t. My elder two had daytime naps. They slept at night by 3 months in. They were happy to be held and played with by other people. This baby? Not so much. It was 8 weeks before I put her down. She didn’t sleep through the night until she was 7 months old. She now (at 10 months) has one nap a day. (Most days.) She took several months to be happy with anyone else, even her father. I didn’t have more than 2 hours without her until last month. So that was hard. Lovely, because she and I have a very close bond, but hard work and hard on my other kids. 

Added to that, my parents were both ill – my father has been in hospital for most of the year and my mother has been worn to the bone first with caring for him and then learning to manage in his absence. They’ve both needed a lot of support which I’ve been happy to provide, but it has meant that other things have gone by the wayside a bit. 

Added to all of that, there’s been some home upheaval and moving of offices and repairing of chimneys and the end result is ‘constant activity, negligible progress’. 

There have been some bright spots and I have managed to make some things (although I have a mountain of projects that ‘just need finishing off’ but I lack the brainpower/concentration to do them) and I’ll get them straight and take pictures and show you. 

I hope 2013 is good to you and that I manage to blog more often. But after last year, I’m wary of making any promises!

Happy new year. 



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So, 2011 dawns and I have – finally – managed to find my way back to my blog. It’s been a busy Christmas, and I’ve spent a week and a half away from home, so blogging took a back seat for a bit. I forgot to take pictures of my Christmas cake (which is a shame as lots of glitter was involved) but can tell you all about my adventures with royal icing and Christmas dinner, update you on my latest knitting endeavours and tell you all about a wonderful shop I visited yesterday. I’ll do it as soon as I sort my photos…

I don’t make new year’s resolutions any more – after years of feeling like a hopeless failure by halfway through January, I gave up. I concluded that the middle of winter, when it’s grey and cold a bit cheerless – and the house is full of chocolate from Christmas – is the worst time to try to break bad habits. Far easier to wait until spring when I don’t need the comfort of my vices. Nonetheless, I have lots of plans for 2011 – if even half of them come to fruition it’ll mean a very busy year.

So, happy new year – I hope 2011 brings good things.

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