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Is this little scarf I made for a friend’s birthday. I needed a quick knit and found this pattern, which was apparently ‘mindless knitting’. Not mindless enough for me, it seems – I still ended up making a mistake and needing to rip a load out!


But it was finished and delivered and the recipient was happy, so that counts as a win!


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I have some finished projects to show you!

The first is a shawl I knitted for a fundraising auction. It’s the City Shawl (Ravelry Link) which is knitted from one skein of Colinette Mohair. Here it is, on my sweetpeas – the only thing that was big enough to drape it on outside!

The mohair is lovely and soft – and for a fluffy yarn, not annoying to knit with. It’s not huge – if you want a big shawl then I think an extra skein and some more repeats would be in order.

The second is a Drop Stitch Scarf (Ravelry link) which I knitted from a skein of Knitpicks Imagination sock yarn. This stuff is lovely – wool and alpaca with a bit of nylon – and it softens beautifully on blocking. It’s also $4.99 a skein, which is very good, even when you’ve paid your friend to post it to you from the US (Thank you Christina! ) The colourways all have names from fairytales (Gingerbread House, Seven Dwarves, Damsel) and this one is Wicked Witch. I love it.

The pattern is lovely – almost ludicrously easy given how effective it is:

This scarf is for me. I knit so much for other people and this is my new winter scarf. Hoorah!

I have some projects I am itching to cast on, but after the weekword post on my addiction to ‘Beginning’, I have told myself very sternly that I am not to cast anything else on until I’ve finished the cardigan I’m knitting for the Little Girl. If I leave it much longer, it won’t fit her any more!

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