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Winter walk

Like the rest of the country, we’ve had a lot of rain. The ground is sodden – the high traffic areas in the garden are thick, slippery mud – and it’s not really been walking weather. But the dog and I both need exercise so when the sun peeked out this afternoon, we set off briskly. 

It was lovely – crisp and clear and sunny. 

And then two miles out – and two miles from home – the clouds lowered, the sky went the colour of steel, and the rain … and then the sleet … started. It was really sudden, like someone had flicked a switch. So the gloves went on and the hood went up (in my case, anyway – the dog just put his ears back and looked put out) and we trudged on. After a while it cleared and a small patch of blue sky was visible, but I was glad to get home to dry socks and a cup of tea!





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Adventures on ice…

We live on the banks of a river. Last night the temperature went down below minus 10, so I went to see what had happened to the river. It was quite spectacular.

Collie on Ice! (just before we called him in because we were scared he’d go through…)

And a couple of some amazing ice crystals:

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