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Aimee over at Artsyville has started doing LIT again, which is good. It dwindled a bit when I hosted it, and then even I stopped doing it when Littlest S&S was on the way and I had my blogging hiatus. I thought, ‘Ah, I must join in next week’, and then I saw that today’s topic for LIT is creative things I can do in 15 minutes or less. And I decided that I just had to have a go.

So, off the top of my head, here’s a list of creative things I can do in 15 minutes… or less. I have interpreted ‘creative’ to mean anything that feeds the part of the mind and soul that wants to make and be, rather than do. The part that deals with possibilities, rather than mundanities. Here goes.

1. Make chocolate crispy cakes. I frequently have a panic when I realise a small person needs to take cakes to school, and this is what I end up doing. Quick, cheap, and endlessly customisable – the good old standard milk chocolate, or white chocolate and coloured sprinkles for girly cakes, or dark chocolate with crystallised ginger for grown ups, add eggs to make Easter nests… marvellous things. And yummy. Everyone loves them.

2. Crochet. I love crochet as it’s not row-bound, like knitting. If I’m knitting something big, or complex, a row can be a commitment – I can’t pick up the needles unless I know I can get to the end of a row. I have learned from experience that bad things happen if I do. But crochet – that’s different. One stitch on the hook, one stitch to keep track of, so it’s pick-up-and-put-downable. I’m currently making a stripy blanket and it’s lovely to take 5 – or 10 – or longer – and do a little bit.

3. Take some pictures. There are times when I want to take a break from the routine – and so I grab the camera and take some pictures. There’s always something there, if you look. And knowing you don’t have long focusses the gaze.

4. Write a word list. This is getting a bit meta; a list on a list – but sometimes when I have things in my head and no time, I’ll just write a list of single words. It is surprisingly effective at keeping the juices flowing.

5. Sing. This is a multitasking-type action. Even if I have to sort the washing or do the school run or take the bins out, I can sing at the same time. For full effect, the singing must be loud. Fortunately I have no neighbours. Although I do startle the postman, on occasion.

6. Paint my toenails. I am not a painter. I can’t draw – although that doesn’t always stop me – but painting my toenails – choosing the colour, playing with the brush, cleaning up the edges, spending the next hour looking at my feet and smiling – does seem to hit the button!

7. Colouring in. I may not be able to draw, but I do like colouring in. And having small people in the house means there’s always colouring stuff about. And they do colouring books for grown ups now, which is rather good. It’s the Little Girl’s birthday soon and I’m pondering a big box of Crayolas. I know she’ll love it – but maybe I should abandon pretence and get some for myself as well. They can sit with the Sharpies, the Triplus fineliners and the coloured pencils…

8. Blogging. Apparently, write a blog post in 15 minutes. I’ve been timing myself…

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Kirsty at the Leopard Anchor has had a rather splendid idea. She’s hosting a monthly photo scavenger hunt – she posts the topics and you have the rest of the month to take the photos. Clever, eh?

Me being me, I signed up a few days before the deadline, but here are my photos.


I’ve posted before about my love of the library, and it continues unabated. I love the library, the pleasure of picking up a book just because it takes your fancy. Our library has a great stock of inspiring books for the crafty sort – here are the ones I have on loan at the moment:

The top one is the River Cottage Bread book, by the way, which despite my wheat allergy, has inspired me to make all sorts of bready things (there are lots of not-wheat recipes) and Mr S&S to contemplate making a clay oven. No, really. Some of these books were fetched from libraries in the far reaches of the county – a little van brought them to my library – which cost me nothing. Libraries are brilliant, and if we don’t use them, we’ll lose them. Join your library and borrow books, people!

Ahem. Next heading:

Something I made

Yeah, bit of a cheat here. I have made things this month but for various reasons I can’t show you yet. And the stuff I made before this month I’ve already shown off. So this morning, I made this cup of tea:

It was very nice. And the chickens on the mug lead to the next category:

Motifs: Birds

I bought this fabric at the Festival of Quilts. It’s slightly baffling as it’s not my usual taste at all – I dont’ usually go for the very cute and pastel – but something about it really appealed to me.

Then we have Supplies
I was in a hurry, so I grabbed the yarn that came to hand in about 2 minutes and piled it up. So many possibilities!

And finally, Holiday

I haven’t got round to posting much about our holiday – Dance Camp Wales; it’s a camp, in Wales, there’s dancing – but here’s a picture of the Little Girl joining in with the evening dance:

I recommend you have a look at Kirsty’s blog, not just because there’ll be a list of all the other scavengers, but because the blog is lovely. She’ll be posting September’s categories soon if you want to join in!

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I have been on holiday. I went to Dance Camp Wales again. You may remember that I posted about it last year and so I was really looking forward to going again. And it was wonderful. As well as the exhilaration of the camp and the dancing, I also had the added joy of meeting my friends from last year (and making new ones). I took it a bit easier on the dancing this year (although I still did plenty) and spent some time in the Creative area, and in my camping circle, and in the creche with the kids. The (slightly) slower pace was just what I needed to get myself together and start to recharge. I’ve mentioned several times recently that my energy and creativity have been at a bit of a low ebb for the last few months. I’m still not sure why it happened but I think things are starting to hit an upswing now. I came back from camp with the start of a cold, to find that our beloved pet duck had disappeared, one of our guinea pigs had died, and our dog had weed all over the floor, but the feeling of positivity remains. I shall post more about camp later – and show you some things that have been bubbling away. Fingers crossed that normal blogging service may just be resumed…

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