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Mary chose another great word this week. The puzzle we’re grappling with at the moment isn’t one with a conjectural answer, but is intricate and difficult.

It is this. What do we name our new guinea pig? Our elderly pig, Mallow, died while we were away on holiday, so I asked the animal rescue lady for a new female to keep Maisie company. She said she had a ‘young female’ looking for a home, so I went to get her – and young she certainly is! Look:

She just fits inside my cupped hands. She’s very sweet, if a little timid; we’ve just about convinced her that we don’t want to eat her. She has long fur with only one rosette, on her head. I love the big white eyebrows!

Our previous pigs all have had names beginning with M. There’s no real reason for this and we won’t reject the right name if it starts with another letter. So, before you pop off to Mary’s place to see the other weekworders, leave me a comment and tell me, what do you think we should call her?

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