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It’s getting to that time of year again. We don’t have broadcast TV Chez Sowandsew – we have a set and a DVD player, though, and it’s during the colder months that it gets most use. So I have found myself thinking about curling up with a good film of an evening. Here are ten films that I could happily watch over and over again. They’re far from being the best films ever made (well, most of them are) and they’re possibly not all films I would pick if I were only allowed ten films for the rest of my life (although some of them are). They’re just films which I love, know almost backwards, and am always happy to watch. With one exception, they’re quite cosy films, like a warm jumper or a snuggly blanket. So, in no particular order:

Kind Hearts and Coronets
Because it’s clever and silly and touching and completely mental. Which is not something one can often say about a film concerned with serial murder, but there you are.

Dirty Dancing
Yes, it’s a cliche that all girls like Dirty Dancing. I don’t know if they do – but I do. Terrible script aside, it’s just brilliant. The music! The dancing! The villainous villain! The dramatic-yet-romantic denoument! Great stuff.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen this film. I love it. I love the ideas behind it, the attention to detail, the fact that it deals with real human truths yet takes itself not at all seriously. Also, it’s funny. And the kiss at the end is one of my favourites in all of cinema.

Galaxy Quest
I took some persuasion to see this as it looks like a sci-fi film and sci-fi isn’t really my thing. But Mr Sowandsew was convinced I’d like it and tried every tack. ‘It’s not really sci-fi!’. ‘You’ll like it, honestly!’ ‘Look, it’s got Alan Rickman in it!’ So I watched it. It’s very good, very funny, and yes, it has Alan Rickman in it and he steals the show. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it. It’s not really sci-fi. And it’s got Alan Rickman in it.

Need I explain? ‘We’ll always have Paris…’

Brief Encounter
Oh my Lord, Brief Encounter. I’m misting up just thinking about it. ‘I’ve been so foolish. I’ve fallen in love. I’m an ordinary woman. I didn’t think such violent things could happen to ordinary people.’ Sniffwailsob. So heartbreaking – high drama but so very, very English.

V for Vendetta
The odd one out – it’s not cosy or comforting. It’s dark and violent and dystopian and occasionally very nasty indeed. But it’s really clever and thought provoking and brilliantly written, and I’ll never get tired of it.

Strictly Ballroom
Oh, this is fabulous. The acting is wobbly in places and the chemistry between the two leads is almost non-existent, but it’s still wonderful fun. Something is rotten at the heart of Australian Ballroom Dancing. Hilarious costumes, brilliant one-liners and some fantastic set-piece characters. And flashy, crowd-pleasing moves, of course.

OK, lots of the reason I like this is because I want to be Juliette Binoche and I wouldn’t turn Johnny Depp down. (Um, I mean, if I were still single, of course…) But it’s a lovely film. It has toned down a lot of the sting of the book, which makes it that bit fluffier, but also cosier and rainy-Sunday-afternoon-ish.

The Princess Bride
Pure silliness, but I defy anyone not to love this fairy tale. Brilliant cameos (including my favourite by Peter Cook) and eminently quotable lines.

I’m now really looking forward to snuggling down with a DVD one evening…

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