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I was asked to make a birthday cake for a little boy’s 2nd birthday. He’s a Hallowe’en baby, so I was thinking of something spooky themed. So I was thrown slightly for a loop when Mickey Mouse was requested. I had a slight panic, and then got to planning.

I made three cakes – one biggish one for the face, then two smaller ones for the ears. (They could have done with being a bit smaller but I didn’t have the right tins.) I cut them to butt up against the head, and then iced the lot in black fondant icing. Then I mixed some ‘flesh colour’ (I don’t think anyone except Mickey Mouse actually has flesh that colour) for the face. Then came the features. I was getting a bit panicked about these, and then Mr S&S showed a previously hidden talent for sugar craft. Based on pictures of the dratted mouse online, he painstakingly made some very detailed templates – he has a steadier hand and infinitely more patience than me – and using these we cut out the remaining features.

Result: one cake that is, I think, recognisably Mickey Mouse. Hurrah for the husband and wife cake decorating team!

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Weekword: Joy

I was tagged to choose Weekword this week, and as I was in a cheerful mood on Monday, I picked ‘Joy’. And when deciding what to write about, it was a no-brainer. Three years ago today, at 8.05 a.m., this little lady came into my life:

And in the whirlwind of emotions that has resulted from her arrival (and that of her brother) – among the exhaustion, frustration, amusement, surprise, anxiety, wonder, excitement, elation and all the others – there have been many, many moments of joy.

I look at this little person and realise that she’s part me, and part Mr S&S but mainly her own little self. Seeing her grow and learn has been a joy: her first smile, first word, the funny things she does and says, the way she sees the world – everything new, everything to be marvelled at. Rainbows are discussed for days, pebbles and shells are carried around like precious jewels, acorn cases are ‘fairy cups’. When she comes for a cuddle and picks up my arm to wrap round herself. When she tells me, ‘Mummy, you’re my best girl’. When she points at a hippo in a book and said, ‘Look!, a hippohoppamouse!’. When I’m ill in bed and she comes in with a ‘cup of tea’ in a teaset cup and saucer. And so, so many others.

So, happy birthday, Little Girl! It hasn’t been easy and I’ve felt like I’ve been learning as much as you, but you are a joy and being your mummy is a joy.

Here are the others playing this week – go check them out. And if you’d like to play, it’s not too late, just let me know and I’ll add you to the list!

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I tag Katy to pick next week’s word… check out her blog on Monday!

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I made these for the Little Girl to take to nursery tomorrow (it’ll be her birthday). They’re mini vanilla cupcakes, because in my experience small children prefer icing to cake anyway, and they’re topped with vanilla buttercream and dolly mixtures. I had great fun with my colouring pastes, and then played with the colour combinations of the buttercream and the sweeties.

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